'Love is His meaning' Julian of Norwich


'By Love He may be caught and held.

By reason, never' Cloud of Unknowing


'The meaning is in the waiting'  R S Thomas

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Christian Contemplative Prayer & Meditation

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Come now,


Turn aside for a while from     your daily employment,


Escape for a moment from the tumult of your thoughts.


Put aside your weighty cares, let your burdensome distractions wait,


Free yourself awhile for God and rest awhile in him.


Enter the inner chamber of your soul, shut out everything except God.


And that which can help you in seeking him,


and, when you have shut the door, seek him.


Now, my whole heart, say to God,


‘I seek your face, Lord, it is your face I seek’.  


St. Anselm  1109


Mystical experience is given to some, but contemplation is for all Christians.


Arthur Michael Ramsey

Archbishop of Canterbury 1961-1974

Groups of people who meet regularly in order to grow in the practice of Contemplative Prayer and Meditation in the Christian tradition.


Those who subscribe to our magazine.


Many of our members, our 'lone Julians', are not members of a meeting. However they practise contemplative prayer and meditation and value the link with a wider community of contemplative people in the Christian tradition through our magazine, local quiet days, and our Forum, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Our Members Are

Foster the teaching and practice of contemplative prayer and meditation in the Christian tradition.


Encourage people to practise contemplative prayer and meditation in their daily lives, and to explore ways of doing this which are appropriate for them.


Support the individual ecumenical Julian Meetings - groups whose members meet regularly to practise Christian contemplative prayer and meditation together.

Keep it simple


Stay single pointed


Have no set leadership


Have minimal organisation


Keep it small


Are open to all


Are adaptable


Are willing to experiment with form


Julian Meetings:

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