'Love is His meaning' Julian of Norwich


'By Love He may be caught and held.

By reason, never' Cloud of Unknowing


'The meaning is in the waiting'  R S Thomas

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Christian Contemplative Prayer & Meditation

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We are very proud of our Julian Meetings Magazine and Newsletter which are issued three times a year.   Annual cost is £8 GBP in the UK postage area for the paper version.  Elsewhere, electronic versions are £6.  Paper version are available with extra cost of postage.


IncIuded with the subscription is access to our Member's Area which includes our discussion forum.


We welcome contributions.


The Editor is always pleased to receive original articles, short meditations, stories, poems or artwork for the Magazine, but cannot guarantee that they will be included, and they may be edited before inclusion. Book reviews (300 words max) should include title, author, ISBN, publisher, year published, hard- or paper-back, price.


email Deidre with word doc attachments or write


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