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Mystical experience is given to some but contemplation is for all Christians'.  Arthur Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury 1961-1974

'Love is His meaning'  Julian of Norwich

The meaning is in the waiting'   R S Thomas

By Love He may be caught and held. By reason, never' Cloud of Unknowing

Covid-19 and Meetings

During the Corvid-19 emergency many meetings are having to close temporarily. If the details are on the meeting record please contact the meeting before attending as it may be closed or may have restrictions.  

Online meetings use Zoom or other video/audio meeting software.

Dispersed meetings share a meditation resource in their homes.  The resource is circulated to members using various methods tailored to the requirements of the members.  

For example our Bexhill-on-Sea and Winchester Hyde meetings are holding meetings by sharing readings and silence via Whats App, email and paper post.   Other meetings may be doing similar things even if they are not showing this on the directory so please don't hesitate to contact them to find out. 

Both online and dispersed meetings are usually pleased to welcome and include people outside of their geographic area.

To contact a meeting please email our meetings information officer using this link  Contact Us 

If there is no meeting near you perhaps you could start one - face to face when the emergency is over!  Or start  an online or distanced meeting now.

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