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Corvid-19 and Meetings

During the Corvid-19 emergency many meetings are having to close temporarily. We do not recommend attending meetings for the time being.  If the details are on the meeting record please contact the meeting before attending as it is probably closed.  See our schedule for our own online meetings on the Events page.  Plus services of morning and evening prayer and an early morning meditation in the News section.

Our Bexhill-on-Sea and Winchester Hyde meetings are holding meetings by sharing readings and silence via Whats App and email.  They are happy for others to join them.  Other meetings may be doing similar things so please don't hesitate to contact them to find out.

To contact a meeting please email/write to our meetings information officer using the Contact Us page

If there is no meeting near you perhaps you could start one.....when the emergency is over!  But feel free to start an online meeting, we can help with this.

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