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Monastic Wisdom on meaning and apocalyptic light. Brother Richard Hendrick reveals how waiting for a DART in a sleet shower caused a spontaneous ripple of laughter and communal epiphany. 'We are all radios intended to pick up meaning -- tune yourself into epiphany' Brother Hendrick explores how we can find meaning in the cacophonous chaos and distractions of the ephemeral world. He encouraged us to experience outer silence, choose meaning and enjoy at least one apocalypse a day. This was recorded at Trailblaze as part of Cork Midsummer Festival 2012

A Note About Resources

We are non-denominational. Our links, like our book reviews, show the rich and varied heritage of contemplative prayer made available by some Christian Churches, other organisations and individuals.  We are not endorsing any particular set of beliefs or approaches.  They are suggestions that many of us have found helpful and or interesting

About our book selection

There are a multitude of books about Christian meditation and contemplative prayer. We review many in our magazine, and will be publishing some of these reviews in our Private Area.

Our resources list includes many books and can be dowloaded below..

Those included here are those which we feel give clear, simple instruction on the basics and are both a good starting point and help along the way.


‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ Anon

(We have had some debate about this, there are various translations, paraphrases and readers). My (your webservant) favourite is a paraphrase by Halcyon Backhouse

'Contemplative Meditation' Fr Matthew ODC, Catholic Truth Society

Free Downloads

Resources List

'Contemplative Prayer - A Brief Introduction read'

'Contemplative Prayer - A Brief Introduction print as booklet'

Web Sites

Here are some sites we like. If you come across others you think should be linked here, let us know. We also have leaflets listing various different sorts of resources, and you will find book reviews on our forum and in our magazines.

Contemplative School of the Heart   The Jesus Prayer

Christian Meditation Center         John Main

Seeds of Silence   Bede Griffiths Sangha

Centering Prayer   Contemplative Fire

Silence in the City   Contemplative Outreach

The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer 

World Community for Christian Meditation

Nottingham (UK) Contemplatives

The Contemplative Society (Canada) Cynthia Bourgeault

Hidden Houses of Prayer

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